What is the British Fibre Network?

British Fibre Networks is changing the way new homes are connected to the world. The days of antiquated copper being used for broadband are over, the grey slow world of copper is about to change colour… for too long the new home buyer has had to put up with an antiquated copper broadband connection. Furthermore, with only one monopolistic route available, choice has never been an option. At last a company has been established to correct this injustice and provide a choice of pure fibre broadband.

British Fibre Networks will be connecting new homes to pure fibre, not only will your customers have a broadband connection which will work for future generations, but they will have for the first time choice. This innovative approach will allow new home purchasers to decide on their choice of ISP, furthermore the connection will be available before the purchaser moves in, no more frustrated customers.

Pure Fibre Broadband will be the fastest speed available within the UK, say goodbye to crawling hybrid copper/fibre broadband. A Pure Fibre Home will be at the forefront of technology. Copper broadband days are over, make sure your new development has pure fibre homes.


We at British Fibre Networks intend to capture this new technological platform by building pure fibre connectivity for 5G.

ISP Backing

Our fibre network provides a true neutral platform allowing our ISP partners to offer the fastest broadband in the UK to your customer.


In all British Fibre networks sites we will provide full support to your show home. This support will demonstrate the capability of a pure fibre home

Our Vision

We believe that every new home should be connected to pure Fibre broadband, there should be no difference if the home is a 5 bedroom house in the south or a Semi detached home in rural wales. There should be no new home connected to copper, the copper has come a cropper! It is also our belief that all new housing estates should benefit from 5G, this new spectrum will offer significant mobile speeds over the zone. That’s why British Fibre Networks are installing fibre to enable our partners to build masts for 5G.

Our view is simple; lets ensure all new homes and estates have future proof connectivity and provide a real technological platform for any new and emerging technology.

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