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Who is British Fibre Networks?

British Fibre Networks (BFN) is changing the way new, existing homes and businesses are connected to the world. The days of “waiting” for that internet page to load are over. We provide Pure Fibre Infrastructure for everyone!

At long last you have an alternative to the usual late arrival of fibre broadband or is it fibre/copper broadband? We ensure your customers are connected when they move in.

Fibre into your home

Multiple time companies similar to us offer you “Fibre” but in reality it’s not. We bring the fibre into your home, which means you’ll physically be able to see that we deliver fibre everywhere, every time.


As we’ve grown over the years so has our reach. We’re now a nationwide company and can provide Pure Fibre anywhere in the UK. No matter how rural!

Open access

We work with many ISP’s to deliver exceptional service for our customers, meaning no more waiting on the phone for hours, frustrated conversations with unhelpful people and mistakes that simply shouldn’t happen anymore.

VOIP Landline

Many people no longer need a landline, but many people still do. Instead of relying on old phone lines, we rely on our Pure Fibre network to deliver consistent quality and more cost-effective solutions.

Developers We Work With

We work on a wide range of projects with a number of developers located across the United Kingdom. Contact us to discuss your options.