British Fibre Networks Adds Two New Hires To Senior Team
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British Fibre Networks Adds Two New Hires To Senior Team

British Fibre Networks Adds Two New Hires To Senior Team

Addition of Commercial Director and Technical and Process director aims to address unsustainable, sub-standard connectivity in UK communities

 British Fibre Networks has announced the appointment of two new additions to its senior team, to help it deliver on its aim to connect over 35% of new build homes to pure fibre by 2020.

 Fibre entrepreneur Elfed Thomas founded the company in 2017, in order to offer a genuine pure fibre alternative to house builders and homeowners. 24,000 new homes have since been signed up to pure fibre-to-the-home connectivity, in partnership with 50 housing developers.

Fibre expert Jim McBride has been appointed as Technical and Process Director, and will be responsible for ensuring that all British Fibre Networks equipment is above specifications, and will reach connectivity on relevant networks.

He has previously worked with Elfed Thomas on the fibre technology for i3 Group, where he was instrumental in the design, research and development, and training and installation of the products that led to Bournemouth becoming the UK’s first FibreCity. More recently, he was Head Technical Council at SiFi Networks, a fibre optic network developer based in New Jersey.

Jim commented:

When we first created i3 Group, we were well ahead of the market – and now we have the opportunity to go even further as the market changes rapidly, and the methods and tools used evolve. We understand the challenges of working with pure fibre and the incredible benefits we can bring to communities, especially in how we can help less urban areas achieve connectivity when they have previously been neglected.

Also joining the British Fibre Networks team is new Commercial Director Liam Doorey, a consumer electronics specialist with over 20 years of experience in branding, product development, marketing and sales. He was previously Head of Product Marketing at Philex Electronic Ltd, where he successfully remodelled the core product, marketing and design strategies.

Liam will be driving British Fibre Networks’ partnerships with housing developers and construction firms, and exploring new product potential in the home automation field.

He commented:

The UK is facing serious connectivity issues – currently standing at 35th in the global ranking of broadband speed. I have recently moved house myself, so I’m well aware of the struggle to find Internet access that not only meets the necessary, fast speeds for life today, and is also future-proofed. Copper cable is simply not sustainable with the pace of technological development. This is why we are offering installations that provide customers with a quality alternative, truly ultra-fast speeds, and, uniquely, a choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP).

British Fibre Networks works alongside housebuilders at the digging stage, to lay fibre cables to each property. Following securement of the plot the homeowners will have a choice of broadband providers from British Fibre Networks’ ISP partners. This means that for the first time, builders partnering with British Fibre Networks will be able to ensure that their customers have real choice and that the home is connected before the occupier moves in.

Liam added:

My vision for British Fibre Networks is that we are empowering consumers by giving them access to faster speeds with a choice of ISP. Internet speed is an important consideration when choosing a new home, yet most housebuilders are stuck with limited options of how to provide this. BFN are working to change that. There is no reason why, in 2018, people should be having to put up with speeds that are barely fit for purpose now – and will never improve, due to the antiquated infrastructure they are delivered over.

British Fibre Networks has already begun installing pure fibre to a new build development in North Wales, and is set to begin works soon on developments in the North West of England.

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