Business & Enterprise
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Business & Enterprise

Future-proof your business needs.

We deliver two key products to businesses and enterprises.

Make your business more productive with British Fibre Networks business broadband. Backed by stringent Service Level Agreements, we’ll guarantee your connection stays on, and stays fast.

Lit services

Our lit services deliver high-grade resilience lines into your premises ensuring that you are working at the most critical times. We offer uncontended symmetrical bandwidth from 100Mbps to over 10Gbps. Whatever, your requirement, we can deliver.

Our lines are fully managed and offering near 100% up-time. Our support is 24/7, 365 days per year, every year.

We are here to ensure you stay connected, no matter what

Dark fibre services

We are proud of our dark fibre service offering. We can deliver essentially limitless bandwidth anywhere in the country. You have ultimate control and security, so you can make key decision over your IT system and process.

Our of the key offerings of British Fibre Networks is our ability to deliver 100% up-time. This is true resilience, to find out how.