Initial Survey

Your dedicated account manager will visit the development site to establish the exact location and the distance and route from our connection point. This will help us establish the required work to connect your development.

Confirmation Documents

Your account manager will send you confirmation documents outlining the provision we can make including estimated speeds, comparative local speeds, selection of available ISP’s etc. At this point we will also let you know if there may be any costs we need to pass on.

Site Planning

We will then ask you for your site plans, so that we can establish the layout of our fibre throughout your site. Our operations team will design the most efficient installation, working within your pre-defined ducting. We will then return this plan to you for your evaluation.


If you are happy to move forward with our proposal, we will ask you to sign a site agreement, approving our proposal and agreeing to any incidental costs which may have been raised. We will then plan you into our build pipeline ensuring we hit all deadlines.


We will begin our civil work, ensuring that we are completed on time to provide fibre to the POP at the site in order to connect your show-home (if we have agreed to connect your site offices, this will be completed earlier).

You will be allocated a Project engineer who will manage the process of connectivity between your site and our selected data exchange. You will have a dedicated log in area which will be regulary updated so you can be informed of progress. Priority will be given to the to providing connectivity to your site office to allow fibre speed connectivity.

Site Connection

On completion of the duct installation our engineers will install the fibre to each area. Once you have accepted a deposit on a home, we will then ask the customer to complete a services request form which confirms their choice of ISP and phone number requirement. Our engineers then complete connectivity to ensure that the home is live before the customer moves in.

Home Connection

Once we have an completion date, we will ensure your customer has a handover information pack and is fully informed of the advantages of a home connected to Pure Fibre.


We have a consumer pack available for you to place in your show home and also to leave in each home for when the new owners move in. It will outline the benefits of their pure Fibre connection and also help them to get set up quickly.