What equipment is provided with a British Fibre Networks package?

We provide our customers with a British Fibre Networks router for the duration of the contract. Your British Fibre Networks router remains the property of British Fibre Networks and should be returned to us in case of service termination or left for another tenant to use in case of moving home.

How is British Fibre Networks so fast?

Unlike other providers, British Fibre Networks deliver a pure fibre network which has none of the antiquated copper cables. It is these copper cables that cause the bottle neck for data to pass and also inhibits the speeds that can be provided. This means we can guarantee ultra-fast broadband speeds over fibre which are not inhibited by copper wires.

What kind of fibre network do you use?

We install a pure fibre-to-the-Property (FTTP) network. This means we run fibre optic cabling all the way to your property, instead of just to the Green BT cabinet on your street like other providers. Within your building we use CAT5e cabling or fibre, depending on its characteristics. Both offer the same throughput at this usage. In your home or you will be presented with a single which will connect directly to your router.

What are the benefits of using fibre?

Fastest speeds, consistent reliability and future-proof upgradeability are just three of the benefits of using fibre over a fibre-and-copper network. Fibre connections are less prone to loss of data, meaning high bandwidth can be passed through the cable without losing speed over longer distances. Fibre connections also experience far less interference from environmental factors, allowing connection speeds to be consistent.

Do you provide a router?

Yes, all customers will receive a British Fibre Networks router when they order a service from us.

We’ll either deliver your British Fibre Networks router when we install your service or, if you initially signed up for installation only and wish to sign up for a British Fibre Networks package at a later date, your router will be delivered using a courier service or to your concierge for you to pick up at your convenience.

How quickly can my British Fibre Networks service be activated?

Once you have placed your order for service, you will be able to book your British Fibre Networks socket installation. Your service can be activated right away once your British Fibre Networks socket has been installed. You can book your British Fibre Networks socket installation through My Account.

If you have placed a pre-order for service, it may take longer for your British Fibre Networks socket installation to become available, as there may be ongoing work taking place at your building.

How do you install British Fibre Networks?

Each installation is bespoke and will be agreed between the developer and BFN. We have design specifications which we will discuss with the developer.

Do I need to pay for installation?

Yes, installation charges are applicable.

What will happen on the installation day?

Our Engineer will visit
Our Engineers will be carrying ID so you’ll know it’s us. We’ll also call you the day before to confirm your appointment.

We’ll talk you through everything
We’ll ask you where you’d like your router to go, and explain what we’re doing and why, as we do it.

Our Engineer will need to bring our cable into your property from the communal areas
We’ll agree with you where you want the cable to go, and we won’t start work until you’re happy. We might need to drill a small hole (just 10mm wide) to bring the cable into your home – so if you don’t own the property you live in, make sure you have permission from your landlord before we arrive.

We’ll connect you to our network
To connect to British Fibre Networks’s network, we need to install a British Fibre Networks socket (similar to a phone socket) close to the cable entry point of your home – usually near your front door. The total cable length supplied during the installation is around 10 metres and will be discretely surface-mounted.

The British Fibre Networks router will need a power supply, so ideally we’ll need to install the British Fibre Networks socket near to a power source. If you do not have a power source nearby, you can use an extension power lead or opt for our extension service.

Prefer your British Fibre Networks router in another room?
Our extension service simply extends the length of the cable we supply, so that we can install your British Fibre Networks socket in a different area of your property, or in the case that you don’t have a power supply. Prices vary depending on complexity but start from £30, which would be debited against your first bill.

We’ll check everything is running smoothly
Our Engineer will set up your British Fibre Networks router and show you that it’s working before they leave. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

How does VOIP work?

Our phone service is provided as a Voice over IP (broadband) product. If you have chosen one of our Broadband & Phone packages, the phone port on your British Fibre Networks router will be active. Once your phone is connected, you can make calls to UK national, UK mobile, premium numbers, emergency numbers and international numbers.

You can use most conventional landline phone handsets with our phone service. Simply connect your landline handset to the phone port on the back of your British Fibre Networks. Please note that our phone service depends on your connection to, and the availability of, our network. This means it won’t work if there’s a power failure, or a failure in the network. This would also affect calls to emergency services, so you should have another way of making emergency calls.

What are the main benefits of your phone service?

As we use your internet connection to supply your telephone line, we can offer you great savings on our phone service and call rates, compared with other providers. Our fibre connection is designed specifically with telephony in mind, so you can be confident that you’ll always have the clearest call quality.

Do I need to rent a phone line to get British Fibre Networks?

Our internet service operates independent of phone connection. Ordering phone service from British Fibre Networks is optional.

Can I use a phone service from another provider?

Yes, you can continue to use any other providers for phone, or other services, received over the Public Telephone Network.

British Fibre Networks uses its own network to supply your connection, and doesn’t rely on any other provider’s infrastructure.

If you wish, you can even bring your existing phone number over to your British Fibre Networks phone service. If you would like to keep your existing phone number, select the option to ‘keep existing phone number’, during the order process.

Can I keep my phone number from my current provider?

When switching your telephone service to British Fibre Networks, you can keep your existing telephone number that you are currently allocated by your current provider. The process is known as ‘porting’.

The porting process
When transferring your telephone number from another provider, both accounts need to be active throughout the process for the porting to be completed successfully.

You will need to complete and submit the porting request form on My Account. Once we receive your request, we will submit it to the porting agency who will then liaise directly with your current provider to agree a date for the release of the telephone number.

Once your current provider has released the telephone number, we will be notified and we will then be in contact with you via email.

The length of time this takes will vary depending on the services that you have and the provider you are with. It usually takes around 2 weeks to complete, but can occasionally take longer.

Please bear in mind that British Fibre Networks does not control the porting process but we do work closely with the agencies involved, to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

Until your number is ported across to us, you will have the ability to use your existing landline number (on your account from your old provider) and/or the new one that you were provided by British Fibre Networks when you set up your account. Please be aware any calls that are made through either provider may incur a charge as they will be subject to standard call charges.

Porting checklist

– Active Current Service Provider Account

– Active British Fibre Networks Account

– Submitted Porting Request

Important Information: If you cancel your service with your current provider before the porting process is complete, they may reallocate your telephone number which will mean that the telephone number will not be able to be switched between providers. This could mean that you lose your number and may be unable to re-acquire it. During the switching process, you will need to pay for both services until the process is complete.

Do you have any line rental add-ons?

There are two add-ons that we offer with our phone service: Anytime UK and International. With Anytime UK, you will have free UK landline calls 24 hours a day, for an additional £3. International add-on gives you discounted international calls anytime you call, for additional £5 per month.

Will I be able to use my phone during a power cut?

British Fibre Networks phone service cannot be used for making emergency telephone calls if the power supply to your building fails. Alternative arrangements should be made for access to the emergency services in such circumstances.

Will I get the download speed you advertise?

Because we use different technology to traditional internet service providers (ISPs), we can offer much more realistic and reliable speeds. You will get a connection that will match the speed of your package. However, your actual throughput is dependent on your devices, the site or services that you are connecting to, as well as normal internet overheads (overheads are the control and signalling data and protocols).

Are British Fibre Networks speeds consistent?

Yes. We monitor our network closely, and will consider upgrading to match the online demands of your building – and every resident will enjoy unlimited usage too. At British Fibre Networks, we don’t believe in monthly caps or other traffic control, subject to acceptable usage.

Please read our Acceptable Usage Policy for more information.

I’m experiencing slow speeds. What should I do?

With a fibre connection, many of the speed problems that would affect fibre-and-copper connections won’t apply to you. If you do experience speed issues, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Reboot your PC/Mac
  2. Connect to your British Fibre Networks using an Ethernet cable rather than wirelessly
  3. Try moving your computer/device to a different area if you’re using a wireless connection
  4. If possible verify the speed issues are not related to your computer by testing a different computer with the connection.

Do you offer any parental control tools?

British Fibre Networks British Fibre Networks routers support parental control. In order to activate parental control, an account must be created on the router to which parental control will be applied. After that, URL filtering can be created for each account. Users can configure parental control through web GUI user account.

How to configure parental controls on my router:

What if I’ve moved into a home with a British Fibre Networks socket already installed?

If you’ve moved into a home with a British Fibre Networks socket already installed, and you’ve got a router, you can activate your service by visiting our website and entering your postcode. Once you’ve selected your home address, you can choose the speed and package that’s right for you.

Please remember to select ‘I have a British Fibre Networks router’ when placing your order, so we can activate your service as soon as possible. In most cases, we can get you up and running on the same day.

You can find information on how to set up your British Fibre Networks router here.

If you’ve moved into a home with a British Fibre Networks socket already installed but you do not have a router, please do not select ‘I have a British Fibre Networks router’ when placing your order. We will get one sent to you as soon as possible.

My router is faulty, what do I do?

If you notice any problem with your router, there are a few steps that you can follow for basic troubleshooting.

  1. Check LEDs

Power is off:

Please check On/Off button and, if it is off, turn on the router. If On/Off button is on, please check power adapter (Voltage and current must match values on back label on the router). Please check contacts.

WAN is off:

Please check if British Fibre Networks router WAN port is connected to British Fibre Networks socket on the wall. Check contacts, try with different Cat5e cable if possible.

WLAN is off:

Press WLAN button at the back of the router (or at the side of the router). Wait for 30 seconds for wifi to stabilize. Verify connection.

LAN is off:

Please check LAN cable contacts on LAN port of your British Fibre Networks router and LAN port of your PC. Try with different cable if possible.

Phone is off:

Sometimes when new Voice service is enabled, please wait up to 1 hour to activate on British Fibre Networks router. Reboot the router if necessary.

  1. Reboot the router – Turn off the router. Wait for 15 sec. Turn back on.
  2. Factory reset the router – Press and hold Reset button at the back of the router for 15 sec and release. Wait for 2 minutes for router to start.