House Builders
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House Builders

Installing the UK’s most advanced broadband network into the community you’re creating. We design, build, install and operate pure fibre broadband networks in communities throughout the UK.

Each network delivers a dedicated fibre path to every home, unlike every other full fibre network not shared with any other user.

In addition, our actively managed network ensures a reliable and congestion-free connection for all your customers.

The precise terms of our relationship will depend on the specific nature of your development. Most commonly we agree a payment for every unit connected to our network, but we can also explore more creative commercial terms that fit with your commercial objectives.

We aim to deliver the best service, both to you as developers and to our shared customers. We will work closely with you and your team from the outset to build and operate a network you can be proud of.

What do we pride ourselves in doing?


We pride ourselves on making the process from planning approval to handover as smooth as possible. We understand that building houses is difficult, and you don’t need little delays that roll into one big delay, meaning unhappy purchasers.


Each development has a single point of contact. So any issues at any time, we’re here to solve. Pre-construction, during construction, during handover and after handover.


British Fibre Networks strive to constantly deliver the most innovative approach to connectivity. No matter what the challenges we will deliver a reliable pure fibre connection for you.

We know that we can improve your telecommunications on your developments.