For too long new homes have had no option but to accept one offer of ISP. This was highly restricted and placed your customer in a narrow option on cost and broadband speed. At British Fibre Networks we are pioneering the way forward with true neutrality. We are not an ISP and therefore can offer real choice, our fibre network, which provides a true neutral platform allowing our ISP partners to offer the fastest broadband in the UK to your customer.†

The days of your customer waiting for connectivity only to find out itís at crawl speed are over, if you connect with British Fibre Networks you have true fibre connectivity. We not only ensure choice but also make sure the home is connected before the customer moves in.

In all British Fibre networks sites we will provide full support to your show home. This support will demonstrate the capability of a pure fibre home. Our team will be on hand †to offer a full programme of marketing support, which will add value to your offer.