There has been a lot of misconstrued information on fibre broadband, in some cases many developers and house builders have been misled. British Fibre Networks only builds pure fibre broadband. This means there is no copper cable connected to any part of our network. Many other companies claim to offer fibre but in actual fact the fibre only comes to the street cabinet, in some cases it stops at the exchange. What this means is that your connection is restricted by that copper link, it may only be a small percentage of the network nevertheless speed and bandwidth will be restricted by the capacity of that copper link. 

British Fibre networks will only build and connect to pure fibre. We believe that a new standard needs to be set and all these misinterpretations need to be made clear. When we say pure fibre broadband we mean its pure fibre from your customers home straight back to the exchange. 

Pure Fibre Broadband…. make sure your customers are connected to make your houses become a pure fibre home.

… Pure fibre broadband. Make sure your’re connected.