Pure Fibre
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Pure Fibre

In a recent survey 54.7% of people said they would reject their ideal house if it couldn’t deliver their desired broadband speed.

With a British Fibre Networks connection, that will never be a problem.

British Fibre Networks is an alternative pure fibre network operating in the UK. We create open access and 1Gbps capable Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks across the UK in cities and rural settings.

We will be connecting your new homes to pure fibre, not only will your customers have a broadband connection which will work for future generations, but they will have ISP choice.

This innovative approach will mean your new home purchasers are connected to the internet before they move in. Which means they no longer need to wait weeks and weeks before an engineer turns up.

The days of your customer waiting for connectivity only to find out it’s at crawl speed are over, if you connect with British Fibre Networks you have true fibre connectivity. We not only ensure choice but also make sure the home is connected before the customer moves in.

In all British Fibre Networks sites, we will provide full support to your show home. This support will demonstrate the capability of a pure fibre home. Our team will be on hand to offer a full programme of marketing support, which will add value to your offer.

Did you know that in many cases fibre broadband has an element of copper cable? All it means is there is a small amount of fibre somewhere in the network. Which could be over 100 miles from your actual home!

This means there is no copper cable connected to any part of our network. Many other companies claim to offer fibre but in fact the fibre only comes to the street cabinet or the building. What this means is that your connection is restricted by that copper link, it may only be a small percentage of the network nevertheless speed and bandwidth will be restricted by the capacity of that copper link.

We design our network by utilising proven and best in class, both passive and active optical equipment. Via our ISP partners, we can offer several bandwidths. End users have a choice and can select based on their personal requirement. Your properties will get symmetrical speeds, something only Pure Fibre can achieve.

Did you know the best way to find out if you’ve got fibre? Is to check if your download and upload speed is the same!